Suicide Stats & Facts

CollegeSuicide = 2nd leading cause of death among U.S. college students

  • Approximately 1,100 college students die by suicide each year.
  • 8-10% of college students report serious suicidal ideations each year.
  • Females are 3 to 5 times more likely to attempt suicide.
  • Males are 4 to 5 times more likely to die by suicide.

Suicide Statistics: At-Risk Populations

At-Risk populations are groups of people who are at a potentially elevated risk for suicide and may have additional needs when in crisis.

  • Veterans
  • Persons with Mental Illness
  • Native Americans & Alaskan Natives
  • White American Males
  • Asian & Pacific Islanders
  • African Americans
  • Latin Americans

Suicide does not discriminate based on age, race, gender, or sexual orientation. 


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